Monday, December 1, 2014

Big Ol' Announcement

Hello friends! You may have noticed a bit of dust gathering around here, & unreliable posting even where our beloved Monday Musings are concerned. We've noticed it too. & while we both still have strong feelings of love for WYL, we're at a point in our live where we each have other things that are taking up our time & creative energies. So, this place will be going on a bit of hiatus, until further notice. We may still pop in a list here & there, but we're not letting it be a thing that ever feels like a responsibility, because that robs it of fun-- this place is meant to be only a positive experience for everyone. If you have any lingering interest in doing a guest list, please still get in touch with us, because we still love lists (& you)! We're happy to stay in touch via the comments you leave here, &/or reach out to us on twitter!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Musings 11/10/14

Valerie's list:

-Had another weekend of my bro & his wife in town-- last time to see them before their baby is born! Our lives will be forever changed.

-Attended an extended family Thanksgiving gathering. Good times. Got to meet my grandpa's girlfriend, eat turkey, all that good stuff.

-Played bass & was Sherlock Holmes in a skit at church. It went really well; my best always comes out for the actual performance even if it doesn't go so well during practice.

-I even attended an additional social gathering this week of my own volition, one that I can always count on to be super draining to me, & I did just fine!


Mariel's list:

- We got a new (used) car! It's a 2010 Hyundai Elantra and will be my primary mode of transportation now. It's cute and looks like a shoe. Name pending.

- One of my favorite bands, Gungor, was in Madison so we got to see them play. It wasn't as much of an "experience" as the last time I saw them, and they played a lot more of their older stuff than their new album, but I was blown away by their musicianship...particularly Michael Gungor's guitar playing. So dang good.

- Numerous social events this weekend, including dinner with friends, a puppy playdate, and meeting a couple fellow Wisconsin Iggles! Though it was a busy weekend, I wasn't too drained of energy, which was a happy surprise!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Musings 11/3/14

Valerie's list:

-I went with the magnificent @indiesarah to see Les Miserables performed! It was a magical experience of fulfilling a personal life goal plus capturing time with a great friend who makes me happy.
-My weekend was FILLED TO THE BRIM with family time & fun & games & food & whatnot. I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for my bro & his wife, & it was a good experience. My mom put extra effort into her annual Halloween party, it was so very festive. & my husband survived a camping experience with his EMT class!
-Got my furniture painting project finished. That makes me happy. It fit in the kitchen a bit differently than I'd expected, which meant a bit more reorientation, but that's okay. My kitchen won't reach its Final Form for a while anyway.

Mariel's list:

- Played board games a couple of times this past week with friends. Always a good time.

- I got cosplay wigs! For my webseries character! And also makeup! Which I had to learn what to buy and how to wear it via texts from my friend Lydia! Haha. I never wear makeup (other than a coat of mascara), so I'm amazed and confused as to how people can take the time to do it everyday. But I found a shade of red lipstick that doesn't make me look like a clown, so that was a win.

- We bought a bunch of Halloween candy, but only 2 trick-or-treaters came by, so we now get to indulge ourselves on the glorious bounty. mmmmmm...candy.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Musings 10/27/14

Valerie's list:

-My husband's eldest sister got married to a great guy! It was lovely. There was pie, her tiara fell off when they kissed, my husband actually danced with me, my shoes were comfortable (hey, have you ever had to go to a wedding in uncomfortable shoes? okay then)... & it was actually our very own fourth anniversary. <3 <3 They even put a song in the playlist just for us. & it was a song I'd mentioned in passing I'd've liked to have as our first dance song if we'd had a traditional wedding/reception. Soooooo that was pretty magical to me! I was a little worried that my man would be offended by my choice of Beauty & the Beast, heh heh, but he feels as I do that it's just a great timeless love story sort of song that's great for dancing. & IT'S MAGICAL SO THERE.

-Things have been crazy & stressful, but things have been working out! It's all good. & if we can just get through this week, we'll feel even better. This week will be busy, filled with good things & good opportunities, & then we'll have more time to do things like relax & find some sort of steady income. LIFE IS GOOD.

-Oh hey, I've cooked a couple different cuts of venison now. Both were delicious. My cooking confidence levels are pretty much through the roof at this point. What should I try next?

-Played bass at church for the first time in a while. I really enjoy doing it! After missing a few opportunities for various reasons, I kind of forgot that feel. But there's something special about having a little bitty part of helping lead people in worship, something I do that no one else does right now, something I can work at & work with wonderful people that I admire. <3


Mariel is around here somewhere, but no list from her at this time!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Characters I'd Love to Cosplay

Mariel's list:
- Alana from Saga (and I need to get Matt to read it so that I can make him cosplay Marko!)
- Azula from Avatar:The Last Airbender
- Fem-Han Solo from Star Wars
- Fem-Jayne Cobb from Firefly
Future Twilight Sparkle from the MLP:FiM episode "It's About Time"


Valerie's list:

-Joe Kido from Digimon Adventures
-A Ghostbuster
-My very own custom Hawke from Dragon Age 2
-A Pokémon trainer-- maybe even a Disney Princess Pokémon trainer?
-Mrs. White from the movie Clue
-Sherlock Holmes
-Gru from Despicable Me

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Musings 10/20/14

Valerie's list:

-I'm not going to lie, there were multiple things last week that stressed me on multiple levels. But I am only mentioning that to provide context for what I'm going to say next. There were so many reasons to be thankful this past week. There were so many people who made me feel ridiculously blessed, through their actions & attitudes. They gave me their thoughts, their time, their words, & many opportunities to rejoice & relax. I have been granted conversations, packages, compliments, & just plain assurance that there are huge chunks of goodness in the world as evidenced by people I know. I've been given so much love. I pray for the right opportunities to deposit love back into the world to do as much good for others as others have done for me.

-My church's annual chili supper was Friday! So delicious, & a nice hunk of money raised for scholarships for kids in Columbia.

-I SAW JACKSON BROWNE YOU GUYS. He is just one of the best people on the planet. It's one thing to get a sense of that through someone's words & the occasional fact found online, but it is so much more real to me when I can see how a person moves, hear their voice when they talk, watch how they react to the crowd... & he's a hero. It was fantastic to be a part of a huuuuge crowd of a wide age range (admittedly mostly baby boomers) lifting up his songs together. The guy next to me was really nice, making just the right amount of conversation (I can't go to a concert without someone remarking about how I seem to know all of the songs); one of my favorite parts of the evening was when Jackson Browne sang the line "& I had a lover", the guy next to me reached over, raised his wife's hand to his lips & kissed it. Awwwwww.

-I've been watching Supernatural. I'm not too far in yet, but so far so good. I'm still new to this "watching tv shows" thing, pretty much... overall I tend to prefer a book or a movie. But some shows use their format to their advantage, & it is very refreshing.


Mariel's list:
- We saw Chris Thile (mandolin player from Nickel Creek) and Edgar Meyer (bassist) in concert and it was really great. While their collaborations in the past have been mostly bluegrass/jazz, their new works were a bit more avant-garde/free form. But their musicality was just so great, that it made the concert really inspiring for me!

- I met with the cast for the webseries I am acting in. It's about Dota 2, a video game that is currently taking over my life, and I play a bubbly (ditzy?) web streamer/caster "gamer girl" stereotype. Just check out some of the channels of  or YouTube and you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway, we plan to start filming the pilot episode in a couple of weeks, and then will probably do a Kickstarter to fund subsequent episodes. I'm excited, everyone involved seems really cool and fun!

- Last weekend was the Wisconsin Science Festival. I volunteered on Sunday and taught kids about self-assembling viruses with a hands on model. (Bonus: also educating kids/parents about Ebolavirus) There were also events specifically for adults, like a special nerd nite. They have events all over the US, and it's basically like TED talks but less formal and with alcohol. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Musings 10/13/14

Valerie's list:

-I got over being sick! Woo!

-I hosted a bachelorette slumber party at my house over the weekend. Two people ended up not coming at all, & another ended up just coming for a few hours the first day, so it wasn't everything that had been dreamed of... but the bride-to-be & everyone else seemed quite okay with it, so I allowed myself to enjoy the fact that it wasn't as chaotic as I'd anticipated. Heh heh. We had a great time!

-Definitely embracing the fact that I don't have quite as much going on the next couple of weeks as I have had for... a while. I see my Jackson Browne concert on Saturday, the sis-in-law's wedding is next Friday, all I have to do is attend those which means I have plenty of time to prepare for the baby shower I'm hosting on November 1st, & to tackle some other tasks that have been set aside while I was handling more time-sensitive stuff.

-Husband & I are down to the last disc of the last season of Stargate SG-1! That show has definitely won my heart. I'm be super sad about finishing it, if not for the consolation of 1) owning it all so I can watch it again whenever the whim strikes & 2) having Stargate Atlantis standing by as well. Mmmmmmm.


Mariel's list:

- One of my good friends from high school shot me a Facebook message saying that a friend of hers was in the touring cast of Once: The Musical and had 2 tickets to spare for opening night in Madison. Being a theatre lover and fan of the film, Once, I was happy to accept! Matt and I enjoyed a night on the town, and enjoyed the intimate folksy production.

- More theatre?! Yeah! Last Thursday we went to the Fireside Dinner Theatre in Fort Atkinson, WI with my family to see a production of Les Miserables. It's one of my favorite musicals, so I have high standards, but it was a wonderful production. Valjean's voice was near perfection. It is a theater-in-the-round, so it is very intimate and the actors are very close to the audience so you can see all their expressions. My favorite was Gavroche, who was played by a little girl with so much vigor and spirit. She stole every scene she was in!

- My brother and sister stuck around Madison on Saturday and we worked on recording one of our songs! It went pretty well for a first time. Matt is currently working on post-production/mastering the track, and we'll be working on our other songs in the near future.